Why us


Tamar Consulting's staff is built from outstanding and highly experienced professionals, who constantly update their thecnical knowledge in order to deliver our customer world-class results.

We are a specialized company with a specialized staff. Our mission is to discover exactly what your company needs and how best to implement the solution. From the earliest stage, we visualize the project and your objectives, and we strive to minimize risk throughout all phases of the proposed solution using Tamar Consulting's proven agile methodology and choosing the right team for your environment.


• Tamar Consulting offers augmentation services to meet your aggressive and tight deadlines.

• We also offer long term agreements in which we become a one-stop shop for all your technology needs.


  • Software Development and Integration
  • Software and Database Architecture
  • Infrastructure Development and Cloud Migration Expertise
  • Database Design and Management
  • IT Strategy, Risk Assessment and Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Software Development and Integration:

Using the latest state-of-the-art tools and agile methodologies, Tamar Consulting works with you to develop the types of applications you need and provides solutions to access the information you require. Our success lies not in telling our customers what they need; it exists in the fact that we listen to our customer’s needs. Then, using the most appropriate technologies for each need, we strive to craft a solution that will meet those needs. Our highly experienced and certified developers have architected solutions as small as single workstation databases to multi-million dollar, highly scalable, redundant, multi-tier enterprise solutions.

Software and Database Architecture:
Before a project begins -

We will work with you to identify the best architectural design, methods, and tools to use. Tamar Consulting’s objectives are to ensure complete functionality, scalability, and the ability to easily allow for future development.

After completion of a project -

When a project is complete, it benefits you to have an independent auditor verify the results. Once the project is complete, we can independently verify that the underlying architecture is truly stable and able to support your organization. Tamar Consulting will review the software design and hardware environment in order to give you peace of mind that what was delivered is exactly what you expected.

Infrastructure and Cloud Migration Expertise:

We have help many of our customers plan and successfully migrate their development, quality assurance and production environments to the cloud using AWS or MS Azure. Although ever-growing trend to shift CAPEX into OPEX a careful analysis is required to assure that the desired ROI from the migration is achieved. Cloud services can sometimes be cumbersome in their pricing and without a precise knowledge of how resources are used by applications, services and solutions evaluating when is the right time for such a migration can be challenging.

Database Design and Management:

Tamar Consulting’s highly skilled and certified Data Architects help our customers identify the best way to store, extract and transform the data they own to achieve the sought objectives. Data needs are ever changing and therefore, databases require a flexible yet powerful design to allow for future storage and use of structured and unstructured. Tamar Consulting has helped many customers identify and leverage the data for growth and competitive advantage. Tamar consulting can also assist in the management of large databases for their optimal performance.

IT Strategy, Risk Assessment, and Business Intelligence:

Tamar Consulting has the necessary assets and strong relationships already in place to partner with a customer to develop a complete IT strategy. Tamar Consulting’s goal is always to provide our customers with a solution that is completely functional, scalable, and able to easily allow for future growth and potential integration. One of our core values is to reduce the risk of adapting of shifting technologies. This is accomplished by a large acumen of experience that our team shares with our customers to avoid common pitfalls and identify potential threats to the success of the project. Most businesses are accumulating data at an exponential rate, be it structure or unstructured how to make the best use of this data require powerful tools that gather and build business intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

How to use this new and powerful technology is a question Tamar Consulting can help answer. From exploring potential uses in the workplace to improve processes, quality, employee experience to how our customer’s stakeholders in general will benefit is something that Tamar Consulting is uniquely position to do. Our team has a vast experience on how this technology has been adapted over a wide range of industries as well as helping identify the core differences among vendors of this technology. Tamar Consulting can offer an independent evaluation and assist in the implementation so that expected ROI from such endeavors can be predictable and attained.


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