Build and Integrate Services
This service includes developing the architecture, designing, building and integrating systems. The systems range from eCommerce to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to totally custom sector-specific solutions. The solutions may be part of a platform like Broadvision or be built to support mobile commerce or trading exchanges.

Enterprise Data Integration

This offering encompasses our Data Integration Services that include assessments, strategies, design and implementation. The offering includes database design, data strategy, data movement, management and access as well as EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and XML(Extensible Markup Language).

Data Warehousing/Decision Support

This offering provides the technology and infrastructure to support enterprise analytics, performance management, and advanced management reporting. It includes the extraction, analysis and presentation of data to internal and external users. It incorporates design techniques for integrating internal data and external syndicated data to drive strategic decision-making.

Knowledge Management Infrastructure Development
The Knowledge Management Infrastructure Development offering provides the infrastructure to support knowledge portals and communities, creating enterprise value by capitalizing on organizational collaboration. This offering supports the range of knowledge repositories, access methods and presentation modes including streaming video, high availability storage devices and portals.

Application Ownership
This offering provides our clients with one-stop shopping for their applications. We will build the application for them, manage the maintenance and evolution of the application and work with a third-party to host it. The services range from architecture, design and build of the application as well as transition to applications management and hosting of the solution on third party hardware and networks.

Software Development of Connected Devices
This service offering provides Tamar Consulting clients with full life cycle services that enable communication between devices. The devices range from phones, to handheld equipment, to embedded devices in a variety of products. This offering includes development of the software on both the server and device that enables the devices to process messages, information and transactions.

Supporting and Maintaining Embedded Software
The embedded software offering addresses the need to enable the devices that are being integrated into almost every product that we use. The products include computers, telephones, autos, toys and household appliances. The service offering includes the analysis, design and construction of the software that runs on the chips.

Professional Services
Some of our clients requires assistance from our staff that is not project based. To meet the needs of these clients we offer services from a pool of people who can meet this need.